Resources and ideas for coaches and parents

So you’re mid-way through your first season coaching your first sports team and you’re beginning to run a little bit short of ideas on how best to train and motivate them. OK, well the important thing to remember here is that there is no such thing as being too creative or too experimental here, after all you’ve probably used all of the tried and tested methods. It’s important to be open to as many new sources of inspiration as possible, from conversations with coaches and parents, as well as online resources and then just using technology to its full capacity. We’ll present some ideas here to get you back on track and filled with inspiration, making you able to feel great when the next training sessions rolls around.

Get together with other coaches

Naturally the first port of call will be asking fellow coaches. Now, if you know lots of other coaches then great. However, if you do not know many other coaches then it’s time to start. Start by reaching out to those from teams around you in your local area. Get a weekly or monthly group together, afterall if you’re feeling these pressures then it’s almost certain that other coaches are feeling them as well. You can also chat with coaches in the leagues that your team plays against and again set up a time when you can meet and air your issues. You might be thinking that rivalry on the field might prevent any unity amongst other coaches but it’s all about the kids and if their are indeed several coaches that refuse to be part of your groups, then leave them out in the cold. You will be able to compare training exercises and talk about what works, what doesn’t work and maybe just get a little bit more unity throughout the game, which can only be a good thing.

The world wide web will help

Online resources are extensive and will be helpful, so ensure that you search thoroughly to discover the best possible content to further yours and your kids’ developments. Here’s some to get you on your way though. Have a look at Keep it on the Deck which show videos of some of the best of most progressive training videos from clubs and teams all across the world. Ever wondered how Real Madrid get their style or how Chelsea train their wonderkids? Keep it on the Deck should be your first port of call. Also, don’t miss the official US Sports Coach Resources page which will give you the latest tips from your governing body as well as some useful ideas of tournaments you may want to enter your team for. Finally check our the plethora of sources available at Youth Elite Soccer which will give you great ideas for plans to implement into your training sessions.

e-larning-jpgShow inspirational players and match videos

Another cool thing to do, particularly for children who have favorite stars playing in the MLS or in the European leagues, is to show them videos of players and matches, and talk about what each player does well, how they do it and how your player can implement those things into their own game. It can also be a great thing to show an entire team who wants to understand defensive organization or opening space up for teammates by passing. IT is always fun to watch top players do what they do best and if nothing else it will fill your kids with the inspiration and energy to get out onto that pitch and try out what they have just seen. This can even be used to reaffirm a point that you have made during normal sessions, allowing the children to have a visual of what success will look like.

Your team will love watching themselves

Finally, have you ever thought about filming your own matches to play back to the kids? Kids love to watch themselves and see what they do well and what they need to improve on. The beauty of it is generally you won’t even need to point out the specifics as they will be able to see where they went wrong or something they are particularly strong at. You will be able to add advice and tips for improving and helping them measure their success when you’re able to show them successfully implementing new ideas. Each aspect of what you liked about your team’s overall performance will be able to be shown and discussed with the actual footage in front of them, adding to their understanding about what and why they need to improve.