Newsletter January 2017

Hi fellow Trackers,

We want to give a big thank you to all of our users. Your feedback has moved our success beyond the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the year. None of our success would have been possible without you!

As TeamTracky is entering its third year of operation membership is rising beyond our expectations and we are looking forward to expand it by adding more feature to help sports teams succeed.

Therefore effective today we’ll offer a free plan with the basic functionality and subscription paid plans for the premium features.

All current active teams will continue enjoying the premium features for free as when they registered. You are our first and loyal users so we can only award you for your support.

Some of the NEW features coming soon:

  • Event Rosters
    Select which members can attend a specific event (game, practice, etc.).
    Only selected members can set availability for the event or receive notifications.
  • Team Question Lists
    Team managers and coaches can ask a question and allow members to reply with an answer.For example:What is your jersey size?
    Can you join the x tournament?Answers can be private or visible to anyone in the team.
  • Member Batch Actions
    Copy or move members from one team to another with ease.Very useful for team managers or coaches who manage multiple teams.Also ability to undelete members.
  • Custom Member Profile Fields
    Create custom profile fields and add any information about your members not covered by the basic fields as provided now (ex. player notes, medical info, t-shirt size, etc.).
  • Copy Opponents and Locations
    If you manage multiple teams, copy opponent teams and locations from one to another and save time entering one by one again.
  • Add Members Quickly
    If member import is not an option for you, we’ll provide a very simple form to allow you to add new members to your team quickly by providing name and email only.

The TeamTracky Team.