New Feature : Online Payments

Hi fellow trackers,

We are very excited to announce that we’ve just released some great improvements to your favorite sports team management tool.

Now tracking team dues and member payments is much easier with Online Payments.

Club Officials & Team Managers:

– Easily add one-time or recurring club registration or team fees that can have different due dates, so members know when a payment is due. Members can view their total or only the balance due owed and pay accordingly.

– Members can pay for club fees online using a credit card and check their balance on a single page. Collect payments online with your existing Stripe account or create one in a couple of minutes.

– Keep track of each transaction without the use of spreadsheets. All club fees, payments (online or offline) and charges are listed in one page and balances are calculated automatically. No more “how much do I owe you?” questions.

– Send balance reminder emails to all the members with an outstanding balance.

Keep tracking!